How could i pay on The Tasty Grape?

Payment is possible through the following methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal: it allows to do shopping in all the countries indicated in a free and secure way with credit card or prepaid, without sharing any financial information with the receipt of the payment.

When will be the payment requested?

Once finished your shopping, the customer will choice the payment method. Once paid, the client will receive an email with the confirmation.

With the bank transfer the payment confirmation will arrive 3-4 days later.

Which is the currency accepted?

We accept payment in Euros.

What could i do if the payment is not accepted?

The reason of failed payments could be different: try to check if all the dates provided during ordering, such as card expiring date, type of card and correct number.

If the problem persists, contact us.


If the product is not like i expected, what could i do?

If the purchased product is not like you expected, you can contact us by telephone, with the specific form or by email at info@thetastygrape.it to ask the authorization to return goods and to ship back the package to The Tasty Grape, which cost is charged to the client. Once received back the goods, we will check the conditions ( see Terms & conditions specific areas) and successively within 30 days, we will proceed with the refund. The returned good, with not adequate conditions, WILL NOT be refunded. The refund will be automatically released on credit card used at the beginning for the purchase and the client will receive a confirmation through the email , provided during ordering.

The relative commission due to the refund payment will be deducted from the amount due to customer.

When will i receive back the refund?

Once received back the goods, we will check the conditions ( see Terms & conditions specific areas) and successively, within 30 days, we will proceed with the refund.


Is The Tasty Grape able to ship to Italy?

If the shipping destination is Italy, will be charged to the customer both the product cost and both the shipping cost, at the moment of payment. Once received the payment, The Tasty Grape will provide to ship the goods.

Is The Tasty Grape able to ship to foreign countries?

If the shipping address is outside Italy, according to the European Directive 2006/112/CE and the Italian Law 80/2005, we inform that The Tasty Grape doesn’t ship directly or through courier wine and/or other alcoholic beverages.

In case of foreign shipping destination, The Tasty Grape will deliver just the goods to Italy at a courier office, who offers a “picking” service for foreign customers. Purchasing products on The Tasty Grape website , the customer (with a foreign shipping destination) purchases also, at his risk and responsibility, a self-made shipping service with this appointed courier, specialised in foreign shipments. The cost of such shipping is shown, during ordering with indicative aim, but paid directly to the courier.

Once received the product payment, the appointed courier will contact the customer to furnish all the details for the shipping service payment.

The customer will receive two invoices: one of the products purchased on The Tasty Grape and another for the Shipping Service purchased through the appointed courier.

When will be shipped my order?

Orders received during office hours ( Monday to Friday from 8.30-16) will be elaborated in the same day and the delivery follows the timing of the relative nation.

Deliveries take place only in business days. In case of bank holiday during week, deliveries will take place in the next working days.

Is the order date different from shipping date?

The order date is the precise moment when the order has been done and purchased on the website, differently, the shipping date is when we consign the goods to the courier.

How long is it the preparation time?

If the order is composed with different products ( ex. Personalised party favours) the preparation will be longer than usual. The customer will be contacted to know relative time for its preparation and shipping.

Have my order been shipped?

Customers will be informed by email of any change of order status: confirmed order, accepted payment, preparation time, order shipped and delivered.

What’ s happen if the courier doesn’t find me during delivery?

In case of missing recipient during delivery, the courier will leave a notice, with the telephone number to coordinate the next delivery. If the attempts of delivery will not have a positive result , the goods will enter in stock and the client will be contacted by our Customer Service, to provide the needed information for the release. After 3 days without any answer from the received communication, the shipping of the goods to The Tasty Grape and its relative stock costs will be charged to addressee.

How could i track my pack?

The appointed courier will provide to customers the tracking number of the shipping, to track the package in any moment.